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  • Hair Removal Treatment

    Hair Removal Treatment


    According the newest seruvey, 83% woman have hairy body problem, man don't like the hairy woman. Especially in summer, the hairy woman always very upset. Weifang KM IPL machines, Elight machine, SHR machine,808nm diode laser machine provide permanent hair removal treatment, it is fast and painless hair removal treatment which can help hairy woman removal the hair. You will have smooth and delicate...

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  • Tattoo removal treatment

    Tattoo removal treatment


    You must be feel excited when you have a new tattoo, it looks cool, but with time pass, your tattoo maybe not meaningful, maybe you want to fade your tattoo. Our powerful nd yag laser tattoo removal machine can help you get rid of the tattoo with smallest side effect. Before you do tattoo removal treatment, I think you should know how the nd yag laser machine works. The laser energy will absorbed ...

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  • Slimming Treatment

    Slimming Treatment


    With the improvement of our daily life, more and more people have obsity. It give us big threat for our body healthy. But losing weight is not easy for most of us. Dieting is not always effective and maybe cause other health problem. Many of us don't have time to do long term exercise program.  If you want to lose weight, but don't want to try the traditional ways, such ad diet and exercise, ...

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  • diode laser software

    diode laser software


    2017 Newest diode laser hair removal treatment software.  There is additional TEC cooling system, which can control the machine temperature.  Water flow speed on the bottom, which you can see the water circulation situation inside of machine.  Temperature, which you can see the machine currerent temperature. If the temperature higher, there is alarm 

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