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Diode laser hair removal treatment parameters
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Diode laser hair removal treatment parameters

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Laser Parameters for Effective Hair Removal

808nm laser diode hair removal treatment need to destroy the hair buld which located deep beneath the skin. Diode laser hair removal is a noninvasive treatment, the laser energy will emit short pulsed of light that pass through the skin and affect the pigmented cell within the hair bulb. The heat will destroy the hair follicle, which can reach prevent the hair growth.

In order to damage only hair follicle and not the surrounding skin, the beautician or doctor must tune the laser to emit pulses that have been optimized for five important factors:

·         Fluence(Energy density): the amount of energy delivered within the laser spot

·         Pulse Duration: the length of time of a pulse, it is also the laser working time in the skin.

·         Frequency: the rate at which pulses occur, the frequency is 1-10hz.

·         Wavelength: the emission wavelength or wavelengths emitted by the laser

Because different  patients have different skin situation. So the best settings for the laser depend on each patient’s hair color and coarseness, skin color, and skin sensitivity. Because of the large variability among hair and skin types, no single setting works for everyone. Different patients will use totally different parameters.

Diode lasers hair removal machine offer a significant cost advantage when used in dermatologic equipment for three reasons:

1.      Handle:  Our diode laser handle is small, light and with max 1000W laser power. It is very comfortable for opeator to use it.

2.      Triple Wavelength: There is 808nm single wavelength laser and multiple diodes can be bundled to create multiple wavelengths for the treatment of a wide variety of patients. For example: 760nm, 808nm and 1064nm in a single array. The 3 wavelength laser can work at the same time for different depth hair removal treatme.

3.      Adjustable Power: The power emitted by a laser diode can be controlled electronically with high speed and accuracy, which gives complete control over the fluence and profile of the laser pulses.

According our test and our clients feedback. We found the most suitable hair removal energy density is 12-20J/cm2. we must first calculate the area of the work surface. The spot size is 15x27 mm. 1.5 times 2.7 we get 4.05 square centimeters of the working surface.Then we need 12-20 Joules per square centimeter. Next, we need to multiply by the number of Hertz. It turns out 4.05 times the number of joules 12 we get 48.6 joules, then multiply by the number of Hertz 2. we get 97.2 joules working energy density. So you can set 97 J energy in software.

if clients can not feel the tingling, then try to increase the energy, only clients feel the tingling, it means the energy is ok. Because different clients have different feeling for energy, so you still need to adjust it on the basis of our parameters.


For example, you use the red frame parameters do treatment.

Do few test shot on the client skin, then check the client feeling, if clients can not feel tingling, then try to increase the energy until clients feel the tingling, then use the new adjusted parameters to do treatment. Use the adjusted parameters for 5-6 procedures treatment, I am sure that the new adjusted parameters are effective.


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