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Many people like tattoo on the skin, but with time pass, they don’t like it or feel this tattoo is not show their personality, they may want to remove the tattoo. But for tattoo removal, do you know how can you remove the tattoo?

According the market invest, the lasers are the most effective way. As we know, the tattoo pigment goes deeper layers of our skin. The laser with high power can reach to the skin tattoo pigment and explode the tattoo ink, then remove it. But it need several treatment to remove the totally.

There is nd yag laser machine for tattoo removal and picosecond laser machine for tattoo removal. Thereinto, the picosecond laser is the most effective way. It’s power is much higher than normal nd yag laser machine . It’s spot size is also can be changed according the treatment area. And it is much less pain than normal nd yag laser machine.  Of course, it also cost more. So if you have enough budget, the picosecond laser tattoo removal machine will be better option.

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