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diode laser hair removal and pain solution
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diode laser hair removal and pain solution

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There is a big range, but the thickness of your skin varies even on your face The upper lip is the most painful area, because the skin here is thinner than other area on your face. When you do treatment, the diode laser hair removal machine energy can let you feels like a rubber band snap, very quick but very snappy. So on one hand, you feel like you’re being tortured, but, on the other, you lose your mustache. It seems like a worthwhile trade. On the other hand, spots where your skin is thicker — like your chin and sideburns — the pain is way more manageable and therefore on the lower end of the pain spectrum.

The Nd Yag laser: created for dark skin, it is proven to be more painful than Alexandrite because its wave length is much deeper (to achieve the deep hairs) and it is fluence is greater (intense energy because low affinity) with melanin). The infrared it uses is much more painful onto the skin. The phototype of your skin: the more dark your skin, the greater painful it will likely be. The laser will divert its energy to dark skin since it is naturally drawn to melanin. Additionally, the Nd Yag laser can be used for dark skin, considered to be painful.

The size of the spot: By increasing the size of the spot, one increases the penetration of the laser in the skin and the pain felt. The type of hair: The more the hair is big and black and the more the pain will be intense. Hairiness: The more hairs there are, and the more intense the pain.

Solutions to soothe the pain

The anesthetic cream: for the comfort of the patient, the doctor will apply an anesthetic cream (30% lidocaine) on the area to be treated at least 1 hour before the session.

Cold air: a jet of cold air is automatically sent to the area with each impact of the laser. The cold acts as a natural anesthetic.

The soothing cream: to soothe the feeling of warmth after the session, it is advisable to apply soothing and moisturizing cream type Cicalfate.

The ice bag, after the treatment, you can put the ice bad on your treatment area 10-20 minutes, the cold feeling can erase the hot feeling inside of your deep skin and let you feel comfortable after the treatment.

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