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Europe hot selling ultrasonic cavitation slimming beauty machine
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Europe hot selling ultrasonic cavitation slimming beauty machine

Slimming spa hot selling ultrasonic cavitation slimming beauty machine. 7 handles for diffrerent treatment.

  • KM-RF-U300B
  • White+gray
  • Qingdao, China
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Product Item, Europe hot selling ultrasonic cavitation slimming beauty machine

Vacuum cavitation RF slimming machine combine Seven handles for different treatment. 

One cavitation handle. 

One lipolysis handle

One vacuum handle.

One big tripolar RF handle

One small tripolar RF handle

One big bipolar RF handle

One small bipolar RF handle. 

ultrasonic cavitation slimming

Ultrasonic Cavitation machine handle function:

ultrasonic Cavitation handle can do weight loss, body slimming, fat reduction. 

Lipolysis handle combine the RF monopolar function and cavitation function together in one handle. The two functions can work at the same time.  It is our new technology. It can do much fat clients cellulite reduction, weight loss treatment. 

cavitation RF slimming machine

Vacuum handle combine the small RF+vacuum+650nm laser together. It can do body massage, body shaping and body sculpting treatment.

vacuum cavitation machine

Big RF handle(bipolar RF handle and tripolar RF handle) can do big area skin tightening,wrinkle remove treatment. Such as the belly, thigh et. 

Small RF handle can do face,neck, chin etc.. some small area wrinkle remove, face lift, skin tightening. 

vacuum cavitation RF machine

Vacuum cavitation RF Machine Advantage:

1. The ultrasonic cavitation RF machine combine the new low frequency ultrasound Cavitation, lipolysis, RF, Vacuum, 650nm Laser four tehnologies in one machine, achieve the slimming plus tighten skin perfect effect one time.  

2. 7 System: cavitation+monopolar+bipolar+tripolar+lipolysis+vacuum+laser

3. USB updating Technology,easy to save and print data.

4. No pain, no invasive,painless,suitable to all people who suffering fat problem

5. No skin color requirements, widely application

6. Large color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation

7. Solve the multiple proble areas: waistline, abdomen, back, buttocks & thigh areas,arms & underarms

8. Professional vacuum pump, best result traceless, no rebound, long-lasting result

9. No consume, inner system achieve to international CE standard.

Cavitation Slimming Machine interface

ultrasonic cavitation machine

Cavitation Slimming machine Specification:

Cavitation Slimming machine treatment result before and after

Professional production line:

We are a professional aesthetic machine supplier in China more than 9 years. We have our own factory and sales office. 

(Every production steps have strict rule and every worker only do one step.It is easy for us to control the quality)

All our ultrasonic cavitation RF slimming machine have strong package. 

Inside is thick foam shape which was made according the machine shell which can protect the cavitation rf slimming machine during the shipment.

The outside is strong black aluminium box. 

If you have any other quesions or request, please feel free to contact us, we will rely you within 2 hours!

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