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Medical CE, FDA approved 755nm/808nm/1064nm 3 wavelength diodo laser hair removal / 808nm diode laser hair removal machine
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Medical CE, FDA approved 755nm/808nm/1064nm 3 wavelength diodo laser hair removal / 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

1. USA TEC cooling system
2. Italy made water pump
3, USA Coherent company Laser stack
4. Double filter system
5. Accurate energy output
6. USA Certificate and Medical CE
755+808+1064nm Alma Platinum Style Technology.

The 3 waves works in the same handle at the same time:
755nm for white skin( fine, golden hair)
808nm for yellow/neutral skin
1064nm for black(black hair)
  • KM300D
  • Any color
  • Any port
  • T/T, western union, money gram
  • China
  • 3-5 working days

Germany TUV approved diodo laser hair removal / 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

diode laser hair removal machine working theory:

diodo laser hair removal machine use 808nm wavelength laser to penetrate the hair follical. The 808nm wavelength laser energy will reach the hair follical, at the same time,the hair follical will absorb the energy, with the temperature increased, the hair shaft will be damaged. It's quality and treatment result same as soprano ice diode laser machine

diode laser 808 hair removal machine treatment steps

1. Wear the goggles and protect the patients eyes.

2. Shaving the treatment area hair, leave about 1-2mm. This will allow the diode laser energy target the hair follcles directly, avovide burning. 

3. Applying the cooing gel on the treatment area, this could be give patient a comfortable feeling.

4. Do some test shots on the treatment area and ask the patients feeling. As different patients can bear different 808nn laser diode machine energy, so the testing shot will help beautician choose a suitable parameter.

5. After the diode laser hair removal treatment, the treatment area will become a little redness, that is the normal phenomenon. The cooling gel or ice bag will help to decrease the redness.

808nm diode laser hair removal machine advantage

1.  Fast Speed 10 shots per second with In-motion mode provide more painless and effective treatment

Big Spot Size: 12*12mm (more effecient for permanent hair removal for men), we also have 12*20mm and 15*27mm spot size for option.

2. Best hair removal machine use US original diode array, keep handpiece long and stable life  time  which can up to 20million shots

Real Sapphire to support skin contact cooling 0~5°C, This can protect the epidermis without burnt, the provide painless treatment for the customer

3.  Weifang KM Electronic Co.,ltd  laser diodo 808 use Italy imported Fluie-o-tech company which is stainless water pump, it can keep machine working more than 12 hours.  high pressure up to 6.5L/min, this make sure the fast running water to remove a lot of heat for the laser hair removal machines

This water pump is also very quite than other water pump. it gives patients a comfortable feeling.

4.  Double filter .  You know, the laser diode hair removal machine have high request for the water quality. Now, our diode laser hair removal machine use double 0.1 micorn filter system. One PP filter, one resion filter.  The two filters can stop the dirty things inside of water. 

5.  Weifang KM hair removal 808nm diode laser machine bars are imported from USA Coherent company, it's quality very good and energy strong enough.  The diode laser stack encapsulation by gold which is not easy to oxidize.

6. Before the shipment, all of our 808nm hair removal diode laser machine energy will be tested by our Israel imported laser energy meter. Make sure all machine energy is accurate.

7.  Smart TEC cooling system is a super cooling system, which is same design as Alma laser, the TEC will start to working when the temperature over 25°C, and use it’s strong heat removal function to cooling the machine and diode array immediately,  just for the TEC design, the machine can keep 12hours continue working.

808nm Diode laser machines specification:

Laser type

Diode laser

Laser wavelength

808nm (755nm, 1064nm laser bar for option)

Output power

2500 W


8.0” color touch LCD display

Spot size

12x 12 mm2 or 10*18 or 15*27

Pulse width

10-400 ms adjustable

Laser bar

10pcs (12 pcs for option)


1-160 J / cm2 adjustable


0.5-10 Hz


Air Cooling+semiconductor cooling+water cooling

Crystal Temperature

From -5 to 5 degree

Machine size


Machine Net weight


Gross Weight



Any language which you need


aluminum alloy case(73*78*54cm)


220V / 110V

laser hair removal machine 808nm diode machine package and shipment

Inside laser hair removal machine package is thick sponge which can protect the machine.

Outside laser hair remova machine package is strong aluminium box.

As a professional aesthetic beauty machine supplier, we have many clients from different countires,

laser diodo hair removal

Thanks for your reading of our diode laser machine, any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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