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Remote rent system for diode laser machine
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Remote rent system for diode laser machine

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With the market development, more and more hair removal salon rent the machines from our Europe distributor. So we developed the remote rent system. With this system, the distributor can rent the diode laser machine to their clients by day, by week, by month etc.

Renting laser diode hair removal equipment is a very good and economic way to offer treatments and add revenue without the out of pocket cost or risk of laser ownership. Rental gives you the opportunity to offer your clients an entire laser center without the purchase of a single laser! There are hundreds of lasers flooding the market and with machinery moving forward, new technologies are being discovered and lasers are updated frequently

The distributor can control the rent system by a software. It is very easy and convenient.

Function: there are different treatment function for option. It include diode laser hair removal, IPL, Elight, SHR, Cavitation slimming etc.

SN: Series number which appear in the machine software.

Counter: inpur the counters which clients want to rent

Password: when you press the "OK", there is password appear.

After the distributor tell the password to clients, client need to input the pasword to the machine software, then the machine will start to work.

When the rent time is done, the machine will stop working and ask new password.

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