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which is better for hair removal treatment with 808nm diode laser machine and IPL machine
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which is better for hair removal treatment with 808nm diode laser machine and IPL machine

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With the development of 808nm diode laser hair removal, more and more beautician wondering which is better compared with IPL hair removal. Most of hair removal clinic say, laser hair removal is much better than IPL. Are there any true and scientific evidence which can support this opinion? Before that, we need to understand the difference between diode laser and IPL.

IPL is often be regarded as laser hair removal, but it is not in reality. IPL use strong broad spectrum light to destroy the hair follicle. But there are different wavelength for ipl which can penetrate the skin with different depth, it depends on the filter which you use.

808nm diode laser machine is real diode laser, it’s wavelength is single and it’s light from the laser stack which can penetrate the deeper skin.

The main difference is 808nm diode laser machine can do all hair and all skin color hair removal treatment, IPL only suitable to light skin and darker hair.

The laser always have a specific wavelength, such as 800-810nm, the nd yag laser has 1064nm, alexandrite has 755nm laser wavelength.

IPL machine don’t have a specific wavelength, it’s wavelength from 430-1200nm. That is why we call is broad spectrum light. With one shot, there are large variety of wavelength.

There is no doubt that both technologies have been proven effective for hair removal. However, there is less certainty over which technology is better, and that's what I wanted to investigate.

We have some patients who agree to have underarm hair removal as the test for diode laser and IPL machine.

We do 4 treatment sessions were performed with intervals ranging between five and eight weeks between each session.  Six weeks after the final session, photos were taken and patients were asked to decide which treatment they thought worked the best.  On top of this, hair counts were taken.

We found:

The test show us both hair removal treatment methods are effective.The clients reports and hair counts show that both methods of hair removal were effective for hair reduction at five weeks after the final treatment.

But, through the test on different clients, with the IPL machine, they feel more painful and more side effect than 808nm diode laser hair removal machine.

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